Entrepreneurial And Technical Survey

This study covers a series of surveys and researches aimed at exploring the machining technologies market in Egypt. The study features a number of expert interviews to provide a value chain overview, and then a number of surveys targeting nonconventional machining technologies

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Engineering Startup In Eg Survey

This report is done as one step in BEMT project 2015-2017, This is the (1) report out of 10 reports that will be produced by the project in the Work plan, This package has been guided and consolidated by Misr Elkheir Foundation.

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Entrepreneurship And Engineering Business Development Survey

This survey is activity which is required by Erasmus through BEMT project. Engineering entrepreneurship and engineering business development training modules, and training technologies are the main target of this survey, including target group, instructor background, industry link, and case studies in Europe, in USA, and in Egypt.

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