Polymer Processing training is intended for new /advanced operators who will use production equipment to directly produce products to be included in commercial, industrial or consumer products, may be components in automobiles, airplanes and marine craft as well as domestic appliances, industrial and commercial plant and equipment.

The objective of this training is to review aspects of the current state of the art in polymer compounding, plastics injection molding and product engineering. Additionally, the training would include deeper knowledge of polymers and polymer related processes. The participants will also be able to apply their knowledge to anticipate problems and solve them in accordance to operating procedures. On successful completion of the training, trainees will have the knowledge and understanding to place them in a position to deal with aspects of:

  • Principles of polymer compounding and processing and their effects on morphological structure and properties of manufactured plastic products.
  • Material and process selection, product design for manufacturing, plastics conversion techniques, especially injection molding and in-mold plastics bonding

Who should attend?

If you are a mechanical engineer, technology educator, technician or anyone interested in polymer processing technology then this training is suitable for you.

Course outline

The program consists of three modules: Business and Management module, Technology Theoretical module and Technology Practical module.

Business and management module
  • Business essentials
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Quality control (QC)
  • Supply chain
  • New product design (NPD)
  • Innovation
Fundamentals of polymer processing
  • Introduction to polymer engineering
  • Compounding and processing of polymers
  • Structure and characterization of polymers
  • Processing of thermosets
  • Plastics and Ecology
Practical training
  • Injection Molding Machine

Time Table

August 2018
Date Course
05/08/2018 Business Essentials
06/08/2018 Management
07/08/2018 Marketing
08-09/08/2018 Finance
12-13/08/2018 Quality Control
14/08/2018 Supply Chain
15/08/2018 New product design (NPD)
16/08/2018 Innovation
September 2018
Date Course
09-10/09/2018 Harmonization (Technical overview)
11/09/2018 Introduction to polymer engineering
12/09/2018 Compounding and processing of polymers
13/09/2018 Structure and characterization of polymers
16 to 20/09/2018 Practical of polymer processing technology



  • 2018-08-01

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